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Insurance Pages

In the next couple of weeks I’m going to be creating insurance pages specific to the insurances I can bill. On there you will be able to find up to date information about what your insurance will probably, or definitely does, require in order for you to use your massage benefits. As is the typical, […]

Massage Laws Series

I like to be thorough, very thorough. It makes sense to take extra care when following laws, especially if you have a license you need to keep. Going through massage school we were taught most of the laws that applied directly to massage. The usual stuff, you have to be licensed, call yourself these things […]

Yoga in Bellingham – The Search Begins

I am a huge fan of yoga, I’ve been practicing at home for years. This summer however, I decided that I needed to go to an actual class, in part so I can better know where to send my clients and also for feedback on how I’m doing. Yup, the couple of classes I’ve tried […]

Insurance Billing – Part 2 – What the law says

Here comes the boring and confusing part of insurance billing – the law. If you missed my first post read it here. It’s long, but I wanted to be thorough. In that post I used a story to describe why massage therapists and others often  appear to have different prices for billing insurance versus cash […]

2013 Vacations

I’ll be off for a quick vacation starting Friday July 26th and will be returning to work on July 31st. Please feel free to email or leave voice mails and I’ll get back to you when I am back to work. Have  a great summer! ~Melissa

Heat Wave

♪ We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, the temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising, I might be dying ♪… kidding! Hopefully, if it isn’t too late I’ll be getting a window A/C unit soon so we don’t all melt while getting/giving a massage (or I’ll at least get 27 fans to help with air flow). […]

Choose Your Favorite Massage Business Carefully

I’m a huge proponent of massage. I don’t care where you go, my clinic or another one, the point is to get massage and be happy with your therapist!  However, you should choose the massage business you support carefully. Sadly, massage hasn’t always had a good reputation. All over the world and here in our […]

Roof replacement and techy things

This whole week my office building’s roof has been getting replaced. I tried working on Monday. Nah, didn’t work as well as I had hoped. (I’m crossing my fingers they’ll be done by Monday next week so I can get back to what I love doing.) Instead of taking a full work vacation I’ve been doing […]

Learn to Manage Stress

Stress management is something we all can do better. While certainly getting a massage weekly – or if you are really lucky a few times a week – will help, it’s what you do away from my office that counts the most. If you have difficulty managing stress in general, the effects from a massage […]

Calender Problems

A bit over a week ago my main phone died and took with it, among personal things, my work calender. With the help of my clients I’ve remedied most of the issue. However, if you didn’t receive a phone call from me and you know you are scheduled in the month of June you might […]