I’m a huge proponent of massage. I don’t care where you go, my clinic or another one, the point is to get massage and be happy with your therapist! ¬†However, you should choose the massage business you support carefully. Sadly, massage hasn’t always had a good reputation. All over the world and here in our home state, there are less that reputable or even legitimate massages being given. A few each year get busted after hiding for many years behind “massage parlor doors”.

Beyond the prostitution problem there are problems where the massage therapists can end up being abused. Depending on the ownership sometimes massage therapists can end up overworked and seriously underpaid. I experienced the latter situation not long after graduation. I needed a job and got one at one of the only places that would hire new graduates. Sadly, they didn’t pay well. I moved on as quickly as I could. Good learning experience, bad work environment.

The Bellingham Herald brought this problem back to my attention with an article covering a “local” business. You can read the article here. I hope either these concerns are unfounded or that those who took advantage of the massage therapists will be brought to justice and prevented from taking advantage again.

Even if you don’t end up becoming a client of mine, be mindful of where your money goes. If something seems off or suspicious ask about it. Those of us who operate with integrity won’t mind at all.

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