This whole week my office building’s roof has been getting replaced. I tried working on Monday. Nah, didn’t work as well as I had hoped. (I’m crossing my fingers they’ll be done by Monday next week so I can get back to what I love doing.)¬†Instead of taking a full work vacation I’ve been doing some of the techy things my hubs usually does. He does have other worky things to do after all. Since I’m doing almost no massage all week it’s time for me to “keep my head down and power through” as Micheal Bluth would say.

On the docket today has been figuring out if all my web listings are accurate, as well as checking to see if there are any that are lacking completely. I even set up a twitter page! Seriously though, this is tedious work. So a big thank you to Rick (my techy hubs) and anyone else out there who does the tedious techy work for your friend, partner, spouse, whatever. This is no fun and you should get much more thanks than we remember to give you!




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