Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Rates
30 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes

Swedish massage is known under many names including: relaxation massage, wellness massage, or just regular old massage. Swedish massage uses light to medium pressure(sometimes firmer, depending on the clients needs), to focus on increasing the body’s circulation and general relaxation. The goal of this massage type is to increase circulation while promoting physical and mental relaxation.

Swedish massage can be tailored to suit your specific needs. For example: a client can requests extra attention on their lower legs. The therapist can adjust the time spent on other areas of the body so that there is extra time to spend on the lower legs.

The gentle style of this massage type makes it a great starting point for individuals whom are new to professional massage. In addition, this is the perfect massage service for children and the elderly.

From a wellness point of view, Swedish massage can be used to maintain health and prevent more serious problems. By getting massage regularly (whatever that might mean for you, bi-monthly or weekly etc.), you can combat stress, which is well known to wreak havoc on your health. When you are stressed you are more likely to get sick with either a cold or a more serious illness. Also, getting regular massage treatment can help lower high blood pressure, which, in turn, is beneficial to your heart. Swedish massage also helps to aid in the health of your largest organ, your skin. If you skin is unhealthy, buried beneath layers of dry dead skin, it won’t be able to breathe well. Yes, your skin needs to breathe. Part of it’s job is to let stuff out, toxins, moisture, etc, depending on what is needed. If you skin isn’t healthy, it isn’t able to do it’s job properly and it will negatively impact the rest of your “inside” body.

One of the other great benefits of Swedish massage is the improvement of circulation. Depending on your lifestyle, your circulation may be suffering. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, inactive, your circulatory system doesn’t get the help it needs to keep healthy oxygenated blood circulating at a decent speed. Once the blood has made it to your feet, circulation back to the heart and lungs is a passive process. Walking helps speed this process along, however, if you do little walking, or just spend many hours at a desk your body has a harder time getting the “old” or “used” blood back to the heart. You body needs freshly oxygenated blood, loaded with nutrients, to maintain the health of your whole being. Without proper circulation, you’re body suffers, and often feels poorly. Getting a Swedish massage can help increase your circulation. And once circulation is increased, it brings healthier oxygenated blood back out to feed and maintain all your body’s tissues including, muscles, connective tissues, and organs. Thus making your body healthier.