Often I’m asked about what to do to fix and prevent back pain. I can suggest stretches, but what’s often needed are exercises which happens to be outside my scope of practice. Of course I can and do refer out to physical therapy etc. However for those that aren’t in a place to pursue physical therapy it’s nice to find and share things to do at home and at the office. I ran across this video that showing fantastic act ivies that are simple and balanced. The great thing about this video is that it includes movements that should increase mobility as well as actions that will help to strengthen muscles. Usually people who have issues with posture need to not only stretch their muscles and joints but also need to stabilize them. Feel free to check it out to see if it might be helpful for your situation.

Note of caution: Please be careful if trying out these exercises(or any exercises). You don’t have to give 110% the very first time you do rotations or any action. Being diligent in giving yourself time and patience should help you avoid an “over-doing it” injury – this means you Type A personalities!





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