In early 2018 I, and thus Bellingham Massage Clinic, stopped taking all major medical insurances (this does exclude PIP insurance which a person uses when they are in a car accident – I still bill this insurance!). It was a hard but necessary decision.

For the previous few years the administrative work involved in billing insurances had increased significantly, the rapidity of payment had decreased for many (but not all) insurances, the frequency of software errors that I experienced due to insurance companies increased (which increases both the admin work and the time before reimbursement), and the pay decreased (this was the deciding factor for me) from one of the big insurances I used to take.

In addition, in the last twelve years there has never been a pay increase to compensate massage therapists for the increase in cost of living as far as I am aware (meaning, all the massage therapists I have spoken with over the years have literally never had a pay raise from insurances). In fact, it’s unclear if there have ever been pay increases from insurance companies for massage therapists. As such, over time taking insurance became a financial challenge for my business; with the pay decrease it was not feasible.

In the last year I have taken steps to remove my name from the insurance companies I used to take. Occasionally, I receive a call from someone who finds my name listed offering either a discount to someone with a particular insurance (I no longer offer discounts of any kind) or even listed on an insurances provider list and I try to have my name and contact information removed (this takes some time after I have submitted the paper to the correct department). I apologize for any confusion this might cause. Unfortunately, it was more challenging to stop taking insurances than I had expected and I’m continuing to take steps to remedy the problems as they arise.

As a final note to all my former insurance clients:

Thank you so much for your business and for allowing me to treat you throughout the years. It’s been a pleasure and I wish you all well!

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