Negative Pressure Cupping

Negative Pressure
Cupping Rates
30 minutes
60 minutes

Negative Pressure Cupping or just cupping is a therapy that has been around in various forms for thousands of years in many different countries. Most often it is linked to acupuncture, as they often learn how to do this in school. They most often use glass jars and flame to create negative pressure but at my office I use rubber cups and glass cups with rubber squishy attachments.

What Cupping Does
Cupping works in many different ways and achieves many of the same things that massage can but in a slightly different way.
It can move/decrease swelling, break up adhesions and scar tissue, relax muscles, increase circulation, etc.

When can I get a Cupping Treatment?
It’s possible to add cupping to your regular massage or to get a simple cupping treatment that isn’t your traditional massage. You can get it at most times of your life save early pregnancy unless you were receiving it prior to getting pregnant and if your skin is too delicate to withstand the little bit of tugging you’ll experience with the cupping. The other massage considerations for a safe treatment also apply. Other than that you should be fine! You can always ask if you are unsure if you should receive cupping.

What’s Different about Cupping?

One difference between regular massage and cupping is that sometimes you can end up with marks from it. They can range from tiny to moderate sized speckles or other skin discolorations. They are nothing to worry about, but are merely your body responding to the increase in blood flow and release of tissues. They will go away with time.
It is also easier to over-do it with cupping. So if while you are receiving a Cupping treatment it starts to be painful tell me. It shouldn’t be. Communication is key when receiving cupping, no thing is too small to tell me about.

Feel free to ask me about adding cupping to your massage!

I’ll be adding more about cupping as time goes on, please check back for changes! Please call or email if you have a question that isn’t answered by this page!

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