Bellingham Aromatherapy Services

Often times, if your massage therapist thinks it may increase the benefit of the massage, he or she will ask to add an essential oil to your massage. This, in turn, may help you to reach your goal for the massage (deeper relaxation or decreasing pain.)

We also offer more in-depth services for your aromatherapy needs. We try to educate people on the benefits of aromatherapy as the benefits go well beyond the massaging of sore muscles. Aromatherapy can help to reduce inflammation, stimulate your immune system, and alleviate symptoms from colds. Aromatherapy mixtures can be taken and used at home or at work, away from the massage table. While aromatherapy should never be used to replace antibiotics, when needed, or a fast-acting inhaler for asthma, it can help you deal with your problems, whether they be chronic or otherwise. For a basic overview of aromatherapy please visit our Aromatherapy page.

Basic Aromatherapy Consultation

In the Basic Aromatherapy Consultation, you will be asked questions on a wide range of topics, including: sleeping habits, medicines taken, and lifestyle. After this information is acquired, essential oils are addressed. We choose, together, which essential oils will be used for each problem and how they will be delivered. Depending upon what was communicated before the appointment, this may be followed by a treatment, or a treatment may be scheduled for a later time. Why might one need a consultation? If, for example, you have a particularly nasty cold, or are having sleeping problems, and you would like to try something other than a pill, free from side-effects. Specific to each unique consultation, you may be sent home with a mixture.

Aromatherapy Massage

This will include the Basic Aromatherapy Consultation explained above and a 30-60 minute massage to address the necessary issues. Depending upon the desires of the client and other issues at hand, a small bottle may be sent home with the client for their further use.

Essential Oils

We are getting things in order to provide individual essential oils for sale to our clients, for use away from our office. Although our stock will likely contain the more commonly used essential oils, essential oils that we do not have in stock can be requested.

Note from Melissa:

I will also be making posts on the blog about individual essential oils, their benefits, applications, and specific safety data. In the works are posts on lavender, peppermint, roman chamomile, and lemon to start.  Check here and on the blog for new information!

Lavender Essential Oil