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September Vacation

I will be out of town next week for vacation. As such my office will be closed Monday the 22nd through Friday the 26th. I will be back to work as normal on Monday the 29th. Thank you!

Sitting – To worry or not to worry?

In the last few months there has been a lot of attention given to what a terrible effect sitting can have on your health. In fact, there were claims that it’s as bad for your health as smoking. Certainly, it makes sense that sitting for long periods without a break could be a problem. However, […]

Coconut Oil – It’s great for massage!

As most of my clients know, I strive to use high quality, organic products in my practice. For many years I’ve been using organic jojoba for a massage oil. However, in recent years, I’ve been prompted to re-evaluate my jojoba usage. It is a wonderful oil (actually it’s a liquid wax) and I love using […]


Cancellations Policies Life happens. I understand and have tailored my cancellation policy to exist within the real world. It reads as such, and applies once you have had your first appointment: “I agree to provide 24 hours notice if I must cancel an appointment with my massage therapist. I understand that the more notice given […]

Price Change

As of June 1st I raised my rates across the board by $5. Unfortunately, it seems as though price increases are inevitable. My rate increase came from both an increase in my costs as well as a thorough evaluation of my time spent working. I struggled with it, much like the first time I raised […]

Massage Continuing Education – Recent research and massage therapy

Continuing education is an important part of being a healthcare provider. Just as important is keeping up on the most recent research in one’s field. I was lucky enough to be able to take a class on massage research in early April. The class was amazing! It was so fantastic that it didn’t matter that […]

Insurance Billing – Part 3 – Insurances Rates

In Part 1 of insurance billing I mentioned a scenario where fictitious LMP, Sally, billed $120 per massage and the insurance only allowed $58 to be paid out by them and the patient. Why is there a discrepancy? Every insurance company decides what they are going to pay out for each covered service. They set […]

Massage Laws Series

I like to be thorough, very thorough. It makes sense to take extra care when following laws, especially if you have a license you need to keep. Going through massage school we were taught most of the laws that applied directly to massage. The usual stuff, you have to be licensed, call yourself these things […]

Insurance Billing – Part 2 – What the law says

Here comes the boring and confusing part of insurance billing – the law. If you missed my first post read it here. It’s long, but I wanted to be thorough. In that post I used a story to describe why massage therapists and others often ¬†appear to have different prices for billing insurance versus cash […]

Insurance Billing Game – Part 1

The Insurance Game: I know there is a lot of confusion around insurance. Can you can use your benefits? Are there discounts for paying at time of service, sliding scale, etc? This post is actually a lead up to a change I’m making – don’t worry I will still bill insurance, but I want to […]