I like to be thorough, very thorough. It makes sense to take extra care when following laws, especially if you have a license you need to keep. Going through massage school we were taught most of the laws that applied directly to massage. The usual stuff, you have to be licensed, call yourself these things specifically, follow local laws, etc. There were a few things that weren’t covered and things change a little every year.

I’m going to create a post series (or page series) talking about the laws that pertain to massage therapists and all healthcare professionals. They will include links to the WACs or RCWs, how I implemented it if it applies to anything I do, and what to look for as a person looking to get a massage.

If you are feeling industrious feel free to read through the Department of Health page for massage therapists. It’s boring and extensive for sure. Until then check here on the blog and look for devoted pages on the website as well.




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