When healing from  injuries, it’s not uncommon to hit a point at which one’s patience runs out. Pain should be gone, soft tissue should be healed already! Feelings of frustration and impatience are normal. However, the reality is that the body needs time. This is especially true is you are healing from a repetitive strain injury. If it took years before the problem became disruptive, it’s probably not going to be resolved in a week or even within a month. Also, if you daily life includes an unavoidable activity that aggravates the injury, healing can be delayed. Really, there are a myriad of things that can stall or dramatically slow the healing process. Try to remember to respect your body and it’s healing process – give it time and consistency.

The people over at The Whole 9 do a good job at addressing the reality of what it takes to better one’s physical situation. The founders of The Whole 9 have worked in physical medicine and have plenty of experience helping people heal from injuries. Their post The 400,000 Hour Body is to the point, and definitely worth the read – especially if you are experiencing frustration and need a reminder to keep at it. Your body deserves the time you can give it so that it can progress in it’s healing process.






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