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Covid-19 and Massage

In the last few weeks so much has changed in our world as a whole and in the world of massage. What has stayed consistent is the need to protect each other from transmission of the virus. Currently, Washington state is still under a stay-at-home order and massage, except in very rare cases, is not […]

Illness Policy Update

Hello everyone, I wanted to provide a new update to my illness policy: Due to the spread of the coronavirus worldwide I’m tightening my rules surrounding massage and sickness. If you are scheduled for a massage with me and you feel like you are coming down with something, even if all you have are mild […]

Future Schedule Changes

Recently I decided that I wanted to condense my schedule in the near future. Generally, I work less than I did two years ago (this is me being responsible and taking my own self-care advice; I’ve been practicing for just over twelve years and massage is hard work!) and I moved out of the city […]

Medical Insurance – Why I’m No Longer Taking It

In early 2018 I, and thus Bellingham Massage Clinic, stopped taking all major medical insurances (this does exclude PIP insurance which a person uses when they are in a car accident – I still bill this insurance!). It was a hard but necessary decision. For the previous few years the administrative work involved in billing […]

Exercises for Mid-Back Posture

Often I’m asked about what to do to fix and prevent back pain. I can suggest stretches, but what’s often needed are exercises which happens to be outside my scope of practice. Of course I can and do refer out to physical therapy etc. However for those that aren’t in a place to pursue physical […]

Posture and Back Pain

It’s well understood that having poor posture can cause or aggravate back pain – upper, mid, and lower. However, we might know something but do we actually put much credence in it? Slouching can’t be that bad! Well, for some people maybe not, though I wouldn’t count on it. But for the majority of people, […]

Be Consistent and Patient

When healing from  injuries, it’s not uncommon to hit a point at which one’s patience runs out. Pain should be gone, soft tissue should be healed already! Feelings of frustration and impatience are normal. However, the reality is that the body needs time. This is especially true is you are healing from a repetitive strain injury. […]

Updated Gift Certificate Page

My new gift certificates page is done! You can  now choose different massages (before there were only options for Swedish massage), you can choose to add essential oils to many of the massages. There are easy options for choosing where it should be shipped. And finally, you can even choose to purchase multiple gift certificates as […]

Get better sleep!

Most people have heard that sleep is important. In spite of this, many of us continue to survive on less than adequate sleep. If a problem isn’t immediately apparent, everything is fine right? Not necessarily. In June of this year Dr. Kirk Parsley M.D. spoke at TEDxReno, covering the importance of sleep. He touched on how […]

September Vacation

I will be out of town next week for vacation. As such my office will be closed Monday the 22nd through Friday the 26th. I will be back to work as normal on Monday the 29th. Thank you!