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Sitting – To worry or not to worry?

In the last few months there has been a lot of attention given to what a terrible effect sitting can have on your health. In fact, there were claims that it’s as bad for your health as smoking. Certainly, it makes sense that sitting for long periods without a break could be a problem. However, […]

Whatcom County Farm Tour 2014

It’s that time of year again. My favorite time of year – farm tour season. This coming Saturday is the Whatcom County Farm Tour. It runs from 10-5pm and is self-guided. The farm tour allows you  to get a closer look at some of our local farms that serve our county and beyond. Check out […]

Essential Oils Summer Uses

Summer in the Pacific Northwest brings many things, less rain for one. It also brings more sun and sunburns, more outdoor activities and everything with which that comes. Essential Oils and Sunshine Oh sweet beautiful sun, we Pacific Northwesterners love those golden rays so much. We love time spent in the sun and yet seem to […]

Coconut Oil – It’s great for massage!

As most of my clients know, I strive to use high quality, organic products in my practice. For many years I’ve been using organic jojoba for a massage oil. However, in recent years, I’ve been prompted to re-evaluate my jojoba usage. It is a wonderful oil (actually it’s a liquid wax) and I love using […]


Cancellations Policies Life happens. I understand and have tailored my cancellation policy to exist within the real world. It reads as such, and applies once you have had your first appointment: “I agree to provide 24 hours notice if I must cancel an appointment with my massage therapist. I understand that the more notice given […]

We’re moving!

Later this month I will be moving offices. The new space is in the Bellingham Towers Building. My new address will be 119 N Commercial St #410, Bellingham, WA 98225. My hope is to have all the moving done the weekend of June 21st-22nd so I’ll be able to start afresh in my new space […]

Price Change

As of June 1st I raised my rates across the board by $5. Unfortunately, it seems as though price increases are inevitable. My rate increase came from both an increase in my costs as well as a thorough evaluation of my time spent working. I struggled with it, much like the first time I raised […]

Massage Continuing Education – Recent research and massage therapy

Continuing education is an important part of being a healthcare provider. Just as important is keeping up on the most recent research in one’s field. I was lucky enough to be able to take a class on massage research in early April. The class was amazing! It was so fantastic that it didn’t matter that […]

Essential Oil Safety

While essential oils are natural, coming from plants, they do inherently require safety consideration. Not all natural things are safe, or safe for undiluted application. There are a couple oils that are safe to apply to an adults skin neat(without dilution). Lavender and Roman Chamomile are the main two oils, though depending on the person […]

Regence Health Insurance – Current Policy

As of January 2014, Regence physical medicine providers must get preauthorization through a third party company, Care Core National, in order to treat a Regence patient. What this means is that massage therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors now need preauthorization before a visit in order for reimbursement to be considered. A simple doctor’s prescription will no […]