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We’re moving!

Later this month I will be moving offices. The new space is in the Bellingham Towers Building. My new address will be 119 N Commercial St #410, Bellingham, WA 98225. My hope is to have all the moving done the weekend of June 21st-22nd so I’ll be able to start afresh in my new space […]

Yoga in Bellingham – The Search Begins

I am a huge fan of yoga, I’ve been practicing at home for years. This summer however, I decided that I needed to go to an actual class, in part so I can better know where to send my clients and also for feedback on how I’m doing. Yup, the couple of classes I’ve tried […]

Choose Your Favorite Massage Business Carefully

I’m a huge proponent of massage. I don’t care where you go, my clinic or another one, the point is to get massage and be happy with your therapist! ¬†However, you should choose the massage business you support carefully. Sadly, massage hasn’t always had a good reputation. All over the world and here in our […]

Learn to Manage Stress

Stress management is something we all can do better. While certainly getting a massage weekly – or if you are really lucky a few times a week – will help, it’s what you do away from my office that counts the most. If you have difficulty managing stress in general, the effects from a massage […]


I follow and donate to a couple of animal charities in our area. Today I want to touch on WeSNiP. You probably heard that they provide affordable spay and neutering for low-income people and their pets. Originally they worked out of a huge bus but now have a static location they share with Animal Emergency […]

The Dupont Building

My building is being painted! Perhaps it’s not the most exciting thing in the world but just for those of you whom stop by my website – the building won’t be purple for much longer. It’s being painted before this lovely weather disappears. So as you are heading in for your next appointment pay attention […]

Causes close to my heart – Joe the blind dog

A friend and I were looking through the Alternative Humane Society of Whatcom County at doggies. They want another dog and I do love “torturing” myself looking at all the doggies I wish I could bring home. We ran across this sweet doggie(click link to have a look). His name is Joe, he’s 2. He […]