A friend and I were looking through the Alternative Humane Society of Whatcom County at doggies. They want another dog and I do love “torturing” myself looking at all the doggies I wish I could bring home. We ran across this sweet doggie(click link to have a look). His name is Joe, he’s 2. He was given up because he was a hunting dog that went blind. *grumbles*

The people at the AHS are trying to raise money to get his eyes fixed. Rick(husband) and I talked about it and decided that we just had to donate. Though $50 isn’t a lot, it’s what we could afford at the moment. I want to encourage all of you to donate as well so that we can help this sweet, lovable, have the opportunity to see again. Whatever you can do, I’m sure it will be appreciated!

I want to add a plug for the Alternative Humane Society. It is completely run by volunteers and donations. It’s a no kill shelter that often works with other shelters to find pets forever homes. That means that it takes people like us to take the time and money to help out on occasion!
I’d love to know if you were able to help Joe out by donating or just passing on the word! Feel free to comment or whatever.

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