Cancellations Policies
Life happens. I understand and have tailored my cancellation policy to exist within the real world. It reads as such, and applies once you have had your first appointment:

“I agree to provide 24 hours notice if I must cancel an appointment with my massage therapist. I understand that the more notice given the easier it is to rebook my appointment time. If I cancel in less than 24 hours from my massage appointment time I understand that I could/would be charged a $45 late cancellation fee. If my appointment costs less than $45 then ┬ámy fee will match that of my appointment cost. I also understand that if I do not call and do not show up for an appointment I will be charged the cancellation fee. Insurance companies cannot be billed for late fees, as such they are are my full responsibility. Emergencies and illness are forgiven. Work, meetings, or other appointments are not considered emergencies. This cancellation fee applies regardless of reminder calls provided. ”

If you are sick, are dealing with an emergency such as an ER trip, or ran out of gas on the way to my office, I’m not going to charge you. I don’t want your germs, emergencies are important and are usually unavoidable, and some things just happen seemingly out of no where. My request is regardless of what’s going on please call and let me know if you can’t make an appointment. Thank you for understanding!

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