Summer in the Pacific Northwest brings many things, less rain for one. It also brings more sun and sunburns, more outdoor activities and everything with which that comes.

Essential Oils and Sunshine

Oh sweet beautiful sun, we Pacific Northwesterners love those golden rays so much. We love time spent in the sun and yet seem to forget to protect ourselves from over exposure. When you find yourself in that situation as many of us do, a bit too sun-kissed, there are a few things you can do to help you skin recover from a burn.

  • Lavender essential oil to the rescue!

Lavender essential oil is excellent when dealing with a sunburn. You can apply it neat(undiluted). But I would recommend mixing it with aloe vera when the burn still has heat to it. You can also blend lavender or another gentle and healing essential oil with shea or cocoa butter as a carrier. Both shea and cocoa butter are gentle and healing in their own right. 
The following oils can be used on burns:

  • Lavender – best option!
  • German & Roman Chamomile
  • Marigold
  • Niaouli
  • Geranium

Mosquito Bites

Almost as insidious as sunburn, though certainly less of a health concern here, are mosquito bites. If bitten, the best oil in my experience is once again lavender. Apply it neat immediately to help prevent that annoying raised itchy bite mark. However, if you didn’t notice it until it’s progressed to the uncomfortable stage, apply anyway as needed.

Scrapes and Cuts

Important note: If the wound is open, bleeding, or weeping, please seek medical attention.

Cuts and scrapes that are small and closed are easily treatable with essential oils (and carrier oils/butters).

The following oils are great for cuts and scrapes: 

  • German & Roman Chamomile
  • Lavender (Spike and True)
  • Marigold
  • Tea trea

There are of course many other things one can encounter during summer months and an equal amount of essential oil options. If you have questions please feel free to submit a question via my email address listed on this site.

Thank you!

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