Personal Injury Protection – PIP

Personal Injury Protection or PIP insurance, is what you use if you have been in a car accident, whether as driver or passenger of a car or on foot or bike and were hit by a car. Each insurance is different.



  • Referral for massage – they require it. No exceptions.
  • Massage must be medically necessary!
  • Open claim – no oldies please.
  • Some have specific requirements for what is written on the referral or who can decide how often to treat, the massage therapist or prescribing doctor.
  • Bills must be mailed in which is a little more work for me.


Note: Sometimes clients decide to pay for a massage out of pocket because something from the above requirements has yet to be met. In this case, I will happily write you a more specific receipt for the massage treatment for you to mail into your insurance after all requirements are met.