Labor and Industries (L&I)

Labor and Industries is work injury insurance. They are very strict – we must follow their rules.



  • Referral for massage – they require it.
  • Massage must be medically necessary! (Most insurances won’t cover preventative massage.)
  • Open claim – no oldies please. 🙂
  • 6 visits without preauthorization – but I’m always cautious and will call for the “go ahead” no matter what. You never know when they will change their rules.
  • Preauthorization – I need permission from them to treat you beyond 6 visits. If your doctor gives you another referral I still have to get the okay from L&I to continue with your treatment.
  • They stop authorizing treatment as soon as you are able to go back to work. It doesn’t matter if you still have some pain or dysfunction, they want you work ready and that is it.