First Choice

First Choice Health is less clear. They are a medical  insurance and also a healthcare network. This means that there are lots of smaller insurances within the First Choice Network Рeach of those insurances have different requirements. We always have to call for specifics.


Requirements (First Choice Health):

  • Referral for massage – they require it. I have not run into an exception yet.
  • Massage must be medically necessary! (Most insurances won’t cover preventative massage.)


Requirements (First Choice Network):

  • Many of the smaller insurances require referrals. I always call to make sure. However, some of them categorize massage as a “non-medical” perk or a preventative medical service. Those don’t require a referral. Per my own policy of needing a referral for billing purposes, unless the insurance requires a code for billing I might not require a referral from your doctor or chiropractor.
  • Medical necessity depends on the insurance and the plan specifics.