Local Business Resources

We try to be very locally minded when it comes to our needs as a little clinic and our needs as community members. The following is a list of local businesses I use/have used or am interested in using.

  • Affordable Acupuncture – I’ve been seeing Rand Dennis at Affordable for almost as long as I’ve lived in Bellingham. She’s great, the clinic is awesome – totally affordable and the care is quality. There is an option for private rooms, or the community room, where you are set up in a quiet room with up to three other people. It’s has an amazingly therapeutic environment. It’s awesome!
  • Community Food Co-op – Well, it’s an awesome co-op and we have two! I’ve been to many co-ops all over Washington and ours is the best I’ve seen so far. Good variety, mostly organic produce(though not always), and again TWO locations!
  • Vital Source Natural Medicine – Dr. Jess Van Dusen N.D. is wonderful. I’ve found her incredibly helpful, she’s great a meeting my needs and for pay out of pocket she isn’t too expensive either. She’s compassionate, straight forward, and is totally cool with all the questions I ask.
  • Living Earth Herbs – It took me awhile to find this place – why I don’t know. They are located in the Public Market on Cornwall Ave. They care essential oils, teas, herbs and spices. They are the only place in town I have found that carries Fair Trade Shea and Cocoa butter.
  • Terra Organica – Stephen at Terra Organica totally knows his stuff. He’s passionate about health, ethical practices, even to a fault. He carries more obscure things than the co-op does including totally raw fermented foods. If you have a question just ask on Facebook and he’ll answer it!
  • Griggs Stationers Inc. – I love office supplies and local busineses so Grigg’s was a fast favorite. I get most of my office supplies there. The people are friendly and if they are out of stock on something they will order it and give you a call! (Don’t quote me, but I think they do deliveries as well.)
  • The Re-Store – I’ve used the Re-Store to decorate my home and office. Usually, I go there first to see if I can repurpose something for my needs – or even better, it’s great to find exactly what I’m looking for!
  • Kokoro Yoga – Ruby of Kokoro Yoga is wonderful. She has great energy, is patient,  kind, and it’s totally affordable. She offers packages and student discounts (though things can change so again, don’t quote me). You can find her in Inspire Studios on Cornwall.