Oh my word, it feels like there has been construction going on around my office for months. I’m not actually sure as to how long ago it started, but it seems to be far from done. I’m still working though and my clients are troopers! Thanks guys!

A couple of instructions for navigating the construction. First it extends from Dupont, down Elm, all way down Northwest. Sections are being closed off depending on what in the world they are doing. So take this into consideration when heading down for a massage.
Use the side streets – we have lots! Leave a bit early because you never know if you’ll get caught in traffic. And just in case the day you come in it’s crazy on my section of Dupont – there is a decent amount of parking on the side streets such as down G St. Or maybe bike or walk, sometimes it’s easier to get around on two wheels or feet. And finally breathe. It can’t last forever. It’s July so chances are it’s sunny now – enjoy the sun while waiting. 😀 If you are late oh well. It happens, and it won’t happen all the time.

Thanks so much!

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