A few times a year I get asked if I offer massage packages. Apologetically I say that I don’t, *sad-frowny face,* sorry.

I was asked again recently and totally had a moment of clarity. I need/want to explain why I don’t offer them and more people need to hear/understand.

  • ┬áThis is what I do for a living – I have to make a living.
  • It’s unsustainable, and not physically possible anymore for me to do more than 16-20 massages a week. I’ve tried for short periods and I end up in so much pain, my quality of life deteriorates. As such too much discounting will keep me from making a living wage(see below).
  • I need to make a living wage – please don’t think I’m getting rich doing this. Wealth and a living wage are different.
  • I work with insurance – this requires a paragraph or another post to explain why this is a complication.
  • I offer a senior and student discount now.
  • I do quality work, not cheap work
  • I give my clients more time for questions, support, or recommendations as needed. I don’t rush them out the door.
  • I do full hour massages – 60 minutes – not 50 or 55 minutes.
  • I’m a healthcare provider not a service provider.
  • My focus has always been treatment, deep tissue, and medically focused massage. That’s different from what you’d get at a spa where you might be able to buy a massage package.
  • The work I do is harder on my body than “fluff and buff” spa work.
  • My career will be shorter than many others. Nurses can work indefinitely. Most massage therapists cannot unless we switch to energy work.


I understand the argument for packages, but it doesn’t work for me and the type of work I do. Hopefully this explanation was helpful and informative.

Please check back soon for further elaboration as to why working with insurance can/does effect the freedom I have to offer other options.









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