How to get the most out of your first massage with a new massage therapist or your first massage ever.

I was thinking about this the other day. If you are forced to find a new massage therapist because yours moves away, has a baby or just takes some time off, it can be frustrating to find a replacement. It can also be unnerving to go into your first massage ever. What should you expect? What will you prefer? Deep tissue or Swedish?

In both situations the key to success, to finding your first or new favorite massage therapist, starts and ends with communication. I’m sure you’ve heard “communication is key”. It’s true with everything, talking on the phone to customer service, to your veterinarian about Spot, and in the massage treatment room. It will help you and your massage therapist realize your goals for your massage.

This communication doesn’t have to be perfect. If you can’t think of the right word to describe something it’s okay. Making an effort to communicate, however discombobulated, will be helpful. There are no stupid questions or observations. If the feeling you are getting in your fingers makes you think of icicles say that. If you prefer deeper pressure on your back but much lighter on your right leg, speak up. Massage therapists get good at reading body language, but we can’t read minds. Tell us if the pressure is too much or if you are getting a shooting sensation down your arm. The better you are at communicating the better we are at meeting your needs and the happier everyone will be.

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