Essential Oils

Essential oils are the chemical essence of many plants, herbs and even fruit. Their treatment range is incredibly broad, from the occasional acne, to swelling and pain, to migraines or nausea. Essential oils can easily be used in every day life, from adding them to shampoo or lotions, to laundry and cleaning supplies.

Our plan is to be able to offer essential oils sales to you, while providing support for their use. While not all the details are ironed out for the sales, please don’t hesitate to call with questions or even an order. We will do our best to help you further your knowledge of essential oils.

We strive to offer the best, most ethical essential oils, so that our impact on the world as a whole is more positive and beneficial to our and other cultures and habitats. We buy our oils through a company that shares our beliefs. Our choices here in the beautiful northwest can impact people in far away Africa or India and we would like to make sure our impacts help rather than hurt our world community.