Can I bill your insurance? Maybe, maybe not.

Obviously people want to keep their healthcare as affordable as possible. Often this includes wanting to use health insurance to cover massage therapy. I know how confusing it can be and as such I am always happy to look into it for clarification. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence that there is a reason someone can’t use their insurance to come to see me specifically.

One of the biggest reasons I wouldn’t be able to take your insurance is that I can’t take a couple of insurances at all.

Group Health Insurance is one example. Group Health Cooperative stopped allowing contracts for newer massage therapists several years ago, over 10 years ago I’ve heard (and I heard that 7 years ago when I was in school, so who knows). As such there are a lot of us who can’t bill that company. When an insurance decides to do this often the “reason” they give is that there are plenty contracted massage therapists already – they don’t need anymore. My clients and I disagree. The choice just ends up being limited to therapists whom might be booked months in advance or might not even be practicing much anymore (it’s a big deal to stop renewing a contract with an insurance company so many hold onto to it even though they aren’t putting it to use).

The other big insurance that I can’t take right now is Regence Blue Shield. I’ve heard of a way to get on through out-of-network billing but I’ve not figured it out yet. I’m hoping that someday I’ll be able to, as they aren’t a terrible insurance and I’ve heard they are much easier to deal with than Group Health and even Premera. For now though, I cannot bill for that insurance.

Update as of 2/26/2014: Regence now requires preauthorization for all massage therapy.

Important Note:
Even though I can’t take “regular” Group Health, I can do work through plans that offer out-of-network billing, mainly Group Health Options. This is different than regular Group Health plans and causes a lot of confusion. Please ask me if you are unclear what it is you have!



  1. Brian on the 10. Apr, 2013 remarked #

    Hi Melissa,

    Please remember to let me know if/when you are able to start billing Regence!

  2. Melissa on the 23. May, 2013 remarked #

    Most definitely. Will do!

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