Bellingham Massage Clinic


Massage Practice Closure: Updated Spring 2021:

Dearest Clients,

It’s been a year (more actually). After much handwringing and some exciting personal developments I’ve decided to close my practice for the foreseeable future. My little family, previously only made up of my husband and myself along with our pets, is expanding to include a teeny human. I will try to reach out to each of you via text or email to let you know. But in case I don’t get to it soon enough (prepping for parenthood is time consuming and I’m constantly forgetting things these days) my plan is to set aside my massage business for as long as needed while we navigate this new stage in our lives. I’ll save all of your contact info and will reach out if and when I decide to return to the massage table.


I hope all of you have stayed safe and if you see me around town say hey!


Melissa D’Haene